Employing Status-Neutral Approaches to End the HIV Epidemic Series: Trauma-Informed Approaches to HIV Services

Washington, D.C.

On January 12, NASTAD hosted the second webinar in the series "Employing Status-Neutral Approaches to End the HIV Epidemic". The webinar, "Trauma-Informed Approaches to HIV Services" provided an overview of trauma, trauma-informed approaches and their relation to status-neutral approaches; the impact of trauma on the workforce, and how jurisdictions can implement trauma-informed approaches for the communities they serve. NASTAD also shared information on upcoming updates to the 2018 Trauma-Informed Approaches Toolkit. The Virginia Department of Health shared internal and external strategies for implementing status-neutral, trauma-informed approaches. The first webinar in the series, "Status-Neutral Approaches 101" can be viewed here.

All recordings from this webinar series can be found on NASTAD’s "Employing Status-Neutral Approaches to End the HIV Epidemic" resource page

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