Syphilis and Drug User Health Webinar Series

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The Syphilis and Drug User Health Webinar Series consists of five monthly sessions where those working on STIs – specifically syphilis – and those working in harm reduction and drug user health will be brought together to learn from each other, share promising practices, and highlight effective cross-sector partnerships. This webinar series is being hosted by NASTAD through the National Harm Reduction Technical Assistance Center, in partnership with AIDS United, NACCHO, NCSD, and the Northwest Portland Area Indian Health Board

Though preventable, detectable through screening, and treatable, cases of syphilis and congenital syphilis (affecting newborns/acquired during pregnancy) continue to rise across the U.S., with higher prevalence among marginalized people who use drugs. Syphilis can result in serious health consequences for both adults and infants when left untreated. It is critical to address syphilis among people who use drugs to both support their wellness holistically, and also to reverse the trajectory of this STI’s impact nationwide. Our ability to do so, however, depends on STI care and harm reduction collaboration and integration. 

The webinar series convenes on the last Tuesday of each month from 3:00 to 4:30 PM ET, March 28, 2023 through July 25, 2023. 

Watch the series and register for the upcoming webinars: 

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