Headshot of Beatriz Acevedo

Beatriz Acevedo

Senior Director, Health Equity

Beatriz Acevedo (be-a-trizis A-ce-ve-do), she/her/hers, is a senior director on the Health Equity team. Beatriz is a public health leader and educator. She has gained extensive firsthand experience in various roles such as program developer, facilitator, educator, and organizational leader. Her personal and professional life has been dedicated to promoting antiracism work and bringing marginalized communities to the forefront. Beatriz has played a pivotal role in leading organizations to develop the necessary culture, structures, and strategies to address racism and its impact on their work. She joins us from the Department of Public Health in Massachusetts, where she has been instrumental in leading racial and health equity initiatives. Her years of dedication to this work has equipped her with the expertise to lead and advance health equity while centering marginalized communities. Beatriz approaches her work with a combination of intellect, empathy, and practicality, ensuring that she is a responsive and adaptable leader.