Stimulant Safety: Getting Amped Up to Reduce Harms When Using Stimulants

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This resource provides an overview of stimulants and aims to educate individuals and organizations that provide services to people who use methamphetamine and other stimulants. This resource offers education on the reasons people take stimulants, including the potential positive aspects to use and potential risks of use; how to minimize harm, reduce stigma around stimulants, and support peoples’ positive experiences. It discusses the intersection of stimulant use and sexual safety; tips for accessing supplies and materials to include in safer drug use kits for people who use stimulants; how to recognize the signs and symptoms of overamping and how to respond to save a life. Effective interventions for stimulant use, including promising new practices from the field, as well as, damaging myths and stigmas from other people who use drugs and from healthcare providers are also discussed.