Recommendations for Federal Partners and Health Departments Navigating Naloxone Supply

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This resource was developed by NASTAD’s Drug User Health Team, in consultation with harm reduction consultants that have been instrumental in creating access to low-cost naloxone for syringe services programs (SSPs) and people who use drugs (PWUD) across the country.

In spring 2021, pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors notified syringe services programs (SSPs) and partners that there would be significant interruptions in the supply of generic injectable/intramuscular (IM) naloxone. Currently, production and distribution delays are expected to last until fall 2021. This will specifically affect SSPs because IM naloxone is the most affordable formulation, and therefore highly utilized by programs aiming to distribute naloxone at volumes that most affect fatal overdose rates.

This resource provides recommendations and strategies for how federal partners and health departments can best support SSPs and harm reduction programs that may be experiencing naloxone supply disruptions, such as assessing naloxone distribution needs among SSPs, coordinating jurisdictional naloxone supply sharing, prioritizing SSPs for naloxone supply, and ensuring flexibility with funds used to purchase naloxone.