Best Practices for Shared ADAP and Other 340B Covered Entity Clients

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Maximizing prescription drug discounts, rebates, and program income allowed under the 340B Drug Pricing Program and voluntary agreements with manufacturers is essential to the fiscal health of ADAPs, including the cost-effectiveness of ADAP-funded insurance programs. It is also important to the sustainability of Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) Part B and ADAP service delivery, which is central to efforts to strengthen health equity and support jurisdictional initiatives to end the HIV epidemic. 

ADAP rebate and program income practices must also adhere to the rules and regulations of 340B, including the prevention of duplicate discounts on prescription drug dispensing for ADAP clients receiving care from other 340B covered entities, and to the Health Resources & Services Administration HIV/AIDS Bureau’s policies pertaining to RWHAP grantees and subgrantees. 

This resource aims to support ADAPs in establishing clear 340B discount right-of-way expectations, policies, and processes in coordination with other covered entities to ensure that critical program income and/or rebate revenue vital to HIV service delivery in the United States is maximized without the risk of duplication.