340B and AIDS Drug Assistance Programs: Getting the Best Price

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Controlling prescription drug expenditures is a priority for all state and territorial ADAPs providing antiretrovirals and other essential medications to uninsured and underinsured people with HIV. Indeed, good stewardship of federal funds requires ADAPs to acquire and pay for drugs in the most economical manner feasible. This includes securing discounts on outpatient prescription drugs available to certain federal grantees through participation in the 340B Drug Pricing Program, which enables eligible entities – including ADAPs – to “stretch scare federal resources, allowing them to reach more eligible patients and provide more comprehensive services.”

This HRSA-funded resource aims to support ADAPs in understanding the unique ways ADAPs may leverage statutorily required and voluntary supplemental up-front discounts and back-end rebates under the 340B Drug Pricing Program. Also reviewed are 340B compliance considerations, including the prevention of duplicate discounts and diversion.