This World AIDS Day Support NASTAD’s Efforts to End the HIV Epidemic Globally

Terrance Moore

Today is the 30th annual World AIDS Day. While there is much work to do to end the HIV epidemic worldwide, we’ve made significant progress since the first observance in 1988. Thanks to the tireless work of advocates across the world, we have the tools to end the HIV epidemic within our lifetime.  

NASTAD’s Global team leverages the expertise of U.S.-based public health practitioners and pairs them with international public health peers to build capacity and optimize the use of national health systems. For more than 20 years, NASTAD has helped equip public health leaders to be nimble and effective in their response to the changing HIV and viral hepatitis epidemics.

It is, also, officially the season of giving and the perfect time to support NASTAD’s efforts to end the HIV epidemic around the world. Your donation can increase the number of and quality resources, trainings, and programs that can be developed and implemented internationally. In 2018, NASTAD’s Global team was able to:

  • Launch a ‘return to care’ campaign in Jamaica that resulted in 157 people lost to care getting back on treatment
  • Provide sensitization and cultural awareness training to health care professionals in the Central America and Caribbean regions to better serve vulnerable and marginalized communities impacted by HIV
  • Support approximately 1,799 people living with HIV in Ethiopia adhere to treatment and remain in care with the assistance of trained community-based peer supporters 

With your support, NASTAD’s Global team can strengthen its efforts by creating opportunities for bi-directional information sharing between the U.S. health departments and global ministries of health. Donations can also help the Global team to mobilize public health sectors to work with and for communities disproportionately affected by HIV, including the LGBTQ community and young girls and women, across the globe. To donate to NASTAD this World AIDS Day, click here. Also, to learn more about our efforts, sign-up for our weekly newsletter.