NASTAD Recognizes Health Department Members and Staff During 2021 Annual Meeting

Every year during the NASTAD Annual Meeting, NASTAD celebrates the accomplishments of dedicated members and staff. This year, NASTAD was please to recognize the contributions of the following health department staff: Daniel Church, Johanne Morne, and Michael Kharfen.

2021 Nicolas A. Rango Leadership Award: Daniel Church, Epidemiologist, Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services

NASTAD honored Daniel Church with the prestigious 2021 Nicolas A. Rango Leadership Award for his outstanding leadership in the fight against viral hepatitis. Dan served on two committees of the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. During his time on these committees, he shared his thoughts and recommendations on addressing viral hepatitis in the U.S. Also, he has published a significant number of reports on viral hepatitis surveillance and displayed his passion for prevention and harm reduction strategies in numerous ways. Dan’s intelligence and dedication to his work is admired by NASTAD and his colleagues.

NASTAD Service Award: Johanne Morne, Director AIDS Institute, New York State Department of Health and former NASTAD Board Chair

NASTAD recognized Johanne Morne with the NASTAD Service Award for her impeccable service to NASTAD as the 2019 – 2020 NASTAD Board Chair. During her term, Johanne presided over her Challenge, The Time is NOW: End the Epidemics. Johanne has served on the NASTAD Board and Executive Committee for three years and counting. During this time, she has prioritized NASTAD and remained engaged in the fight to end the epidemics, even while navigating the COVID-19 pandemic in New York. Johanne’s dedication and commitment to NASTAD is inspiring to all NASTAD members, staff, and partners.

NASTAD Recognition and Service Award: Michael Kharfen, Former Senior Deputy Director of HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis, STD, and TB Administration (HAHSTA), Washington, D.C. Department of Health

Michael Kharfen was awarded with the NASTAD Recognition and Service Award for his charismatic and uplifting personality, significant contributions to public health, vision and support to ending the epidemics, and ongoing commitment to NASTAD. Michael served in NASTAD for five years and provided guidance, support, and leadership as secretary-treasurer. We admire Michael’s commitment, passion, and dedication to his work.

5-Year and 10-Year Service Awards

Along with member awards, NASTAD awarded staff with 5-Year and 10-Year Service Awards. The 5-Year Service Awards were awarded to Angela Johnson, Edwin Corbin-Gutiérrez, Kristina Santana, Luciana-Gordon Smith, and Mahelet Kebede for their notable service to NASTAD for five years or more. In their respective roles, they have provided NASTAD with their support, expertise, and commitment. We are very appreciative of their hard work and dedication.

Emily McCloskey was recognized with the 10-Year Service Award for her service to NASTAD on the Policy and Legislative Affairs team. During her time at NASTAD, she has spearheaded numerous policy resources and events. Emily is always eager to tackle new projects, step in where needed, and mentor newcomers both inside and outside of the organization. NASTAD is extremely grateful to have her as a colleague.

Congratulations to all the award recipients! Your work and dedication to ending the HIV and viral hepatitis epidemics is impactful and inspiring.