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Stigma Topics: Messaging and Online Resources

Messaging is vital to reducing HIV stigma because, oftentimes, messaging is what creates the stigma. Stigmatizing messaging can lead people to be afraid to go to the doctor or talk to their children about sexual health. In this video, we discuss the value of being intentional in using empowering language when serving persons living with HIV, and there are many resources available to help providers incorporate stigma-reduction efforts into their practice.

Additional Resources

Addressing Stigma: A Blueprint for Improving HIV/STD Prevention and Care Outcomes for Black and Latino Gay Men This toolkit is a product of a three-year examination of public health stigma and its impact on Black and Latino gay men, includes an overview of stigma and implicit bias, and 17 recommendations for ensuring better health outcomes.

His Health His Health provides a compendium of care models, training modules, and resources for enhanced linkage, retention, and engagement strategies targeting Black GBM. This site targets providers and offers continuing medical education (CME) and continuing nursing unit (CNU) credits for clinicians to increase their capacity to accelerate healthcare service delivery to Black GBM.

Let’s Stop HIV Together (Formerly Act Against AIDS) A flagship campaign by the CDC, the Let’s Stop HIV Together campaign raises awareness that we all have a role to play in stopping HIV stigma. When we support people living with HIV, we make it easier for them to live healthy lives.

Well Versed Well Versed is a community that bridges the communication gap between patients and providers by connecting Black GBM and healthcare providers, igniting conversations, and creating an experience where everyone is seen as human.