Viral Hepatitis Elimination Plans (Jurisdictional)

Jurisdiction  Plan Type Hepatitis Type Website  Plan 
American Samoa  Elimination/Strategic HBV, HCV 

Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination

Arizona Integrated/Syndemic HCV

The Arizona 2022-2026 HIV/STI/Hep C Integrated Plan

California  Elimination/Strategic, Integrated/Syndemic HCV 

California’s Integrated Statewide Strategic Plan for addressing HIV, HCV, and STIs from 2022-2026

Connecticut  Integrated/Syndemic HAV, HBV, HCV 

Ending the Syndemic

Connecticut Getting to Zero

Florida  Elimination/Strategic  HAV, HBV, HCV 

Florida Viral Hepatitis Planning Group

The Florida Hepatitis Prevention Action Plan 2016-2020

Georgia  Elimination/Strategic georgia viral hepatitis elimintion HAV, HBV, HCV 

Georgia Department of Public Health Epidemiology Program - Viral Hepatitis

Georgia Viral Hepatitis Elimination Plan, 2030

Hawaii  Elimination/Strategic  HAV, HBV, HCV 

Hep Free Hawai’i

Hep Free 2030: Hawai’i Hepatitis Elimination Strategy 2020-2030

Indiana  Elimination/Strategic, Integrated  HCV 

Zero is Possible- Indiana

Zero is Possible: Indiana’s Plan to End HIV and Hepatitis C

Iowa  Elimination/Strategic  HCV 

Iowa Department of Public Health 2017-2021 Iowa Hepatitis Action Plan

Los Angeles County  Elimination/Strategic  HAV, HBV, HCV 

County of Los Angeles Adult Viral Hepatitis Prevention Plan 2010-2015

Kentucky  Elimination/Strategic  HCV 

Viral Hepatitis Program - Team Kentucky: Cabinet for Health and Family Services

Kentucky Hepatitis C Elimination Plan

Louisiana  Elimination/Strategic  HCV 

Hep C Free Louisiana

Louisiana Hepatitis C Elimination Plan: 2019-2024

Marshall Islands  Elimination/Strategic  HBV, HCV 

Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination

Maryland  Elimination/Strategic  HAV, HBV, HCV

Maryland State Viral Hepatitis Elimination Plan Framework, 2022-2023

Michigan  Elimination/Strategic  HCV 

We Treat Hep C

Michigan’s State Plan on Eliminating Hepatitis C

Micronesia  Elimination/Strategic  HBV, HCV 

Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination

Missouri  Elimination/Strategic  HCV 

Viral Hepatitis Committee

Missouri Hepatitis C Elimination Plan 2022-26: Show Me the Cure

New Mexico  Elimination/Strategic HCV 

EndHepC-NM: Eliminating Hepatitis C Virus in New Mexico by 2030

New York State  Elimination/Strategic HCV 

2020 Viral Hepatitis Strategic Plan

New York State Hepatitis C Elimination Plan

New York City  Elimination/Strategic HBV, HCV 

Hep Free NYC

Plan to Eliminate Viral Hepatitis as a Major Public Health Threat in New York City by 2030

North Carolina  Elimination/Strategic HAV, HBV, HCV 

Viral Hepatitis in North Carolina: Comprehensive Response Recommendations

Oklahoma  Integrated/Syndemic

Oklahoma HIV & Hepatitis Planning Council (OHHPC)

Oregon Elimination/Strategic HAV, HBV, HCV 

Oregon Viral Hepatitis Elimination Plan 2024-2030

Palau  Elimination/Strategic HBV, HCV 

Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination

Pennsylvania  Elimination/Strategic HAV, HBV, HCV 

Pennsylvania Viral Hepatitis Elimination Plan

Puerto Rico  Elimination/Strategic HBV, HCV 

Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination

Rhode Island  Elimination/Strategic HCV 

RI Defeats Hep C

San Francisco  Elimination/Strategic HCV 

End Hep C SF

End Hep C SF 2023-2025 Strategic Plan

Texas  Elimination/Strategic HCV 

Texas 2022 State Plan for Hepatitis C

Washington  Elimination/Strategic HCV 

Eliminating Hepatitis C

Hep C Free Washington: Plan to Eliminate Hepatitis C in Washington State by 2030

West Virginia Elimination/Strategic HCV 

2022-2026 West Virginia HIV and Hepatitis C Elimination Plan


Elimination/Strategic plans take a targeted approach to eliminating hepatitis within a set time frame and/or have specific strategies, objectives, and activities to reduce the burden of hepatitis in the jurisdiction. 

Integrated/Syndemic plans encompass hepatitis as well as HIV, STIs, other infectious diseases and/or substance use disorders, with the understanding that these conditions and affected populations are interconnected. 

Hepatitis A (HAV)

Hepatitis B (HBV)

Hepatitis C (HCV) 

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