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Hepatitis Technical Assistance Center (HepTAC)

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About HepTAC

In 2019, NASTAD launched HepTAC, an online technical assistance (TA) and capacity building center for health department hepatitis programs. The primary goal of HepTAC is to build state and local technical expertise and enhance health department capacity to eliminate viral hepatitis. Direct technical assistance is provided primarily via the online platform using video conference technology to connect NASTAD Hepatitis team staff and its consultants to health department hepatitis staff across the county. Group learning opportunities will occur through calls, webinars, workgroups, a bi-monthly newsletter, a discussion board, an online resource bank, office hours, success stories, mentorship, and courses in the following tracks:

  1. Hepatitis Program Infrastructure and Workforce;
  2. Community Engagement and Strategic Planning;
  3. Harm Reduction and Prevention;
  4. Epidemiology and Surveillance;
  5. Testing and Linkage to Care;
  6. Care and Treatment
  7. Stigma and Health Equity; and
  8. Elimination.

Please email hepatitis@nastad.org if you have questions or would like to learn more about HepTAC.

Viral Hepatitis Elimination Plans

Download or view the Viral Hepatitis Elimination Plans below. 


Viral Hepatitis Elimination Plans

Jurisdiction  Plan Type Hepatitis Type Website  Plan 
American Samoa  Elimination/Strategic HBV, HCV 

Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination

California  Elimination/Strategic, Integrated/Syndemic HCV 

Ending the Epidemics: Addressing HIV, HCV and STIs in California Integrated Statewide Strategic Plan 2022-2026


Connecticut  Integrated/Syndemic HAV, HBV, HCV 

Ending the Syndemic

Connecticut Getting to Zero

Florida  Elimination/Strategic  HAV, HBV, HCV 

Florida Viral Hepatitis Planning Group

The Florida Hepatitis Prevention Action Plan 2016-2020

Georgia  Elimination/Strategic georgia viral hepatitis elimintion HAV, HBV, HCV

Georgia Department of Public Health Epidemiology Program - Viral Hepatitis

Georgia Viral Hepatitis Elimination Plan, 2030

Hawaii  Elimination/Strategic  HAV, HBV, HCV 

Hep Free Hawai’i

Hep Free 2030: Hawai’i Hepatitis Elimination Strategy 2020-2030

Indiana  Elimination/Strategic, Integrated  HCV 

Zero is Possible- Indiana

Zero is Possible: Indiana’s Plan to End HIV and Hepatitis C

Iowa  Elimination/Strategic  HCV 

2017-2021 Iowa Hepatitis Action Plan

Los Angeles County  Elimination/Strategic  HAV, HBV, HCV 

County of Los Angeles Adult Viral Hepatitis Prevention Plan 2010-2015

Kentucky  Elimination/Strategic  HCV 

Viral Hepatitis Program - Team Kentucky: Cabinet for Health and Family Services

Kentucky Hepatitis C Elimination Plan

Louisiana  Elimination/Strategic  HCV 

Hep C Free Louisiana

Louisiana Hepatitis C Elimination Plan: 2019-2024

Marshall Islands  Elimination/Strategic  HBV, HCV 

Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination

Maryland  Elimination/Strategic  HCV 

Maryland Hepatitis C Strategic Plan

Michigan  Elimination/Strategic  HCV 

Michigan’s State Plan on Eliminating Hepatitis C

Micronesia  Elimination/Strategic  HBV, HCV 

Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination

Missouri  Elimination/Strategic  HCV 

Viral Hepatitis Committee

Missouri Hepatitis C Elimination Plan 2022-26: Show Me the Cure

New Mexico  Elimination/Strategic HCV 

Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) in New Mexico: Statewide Comprehensive Plan and Profile of the Epidemic

New York State  Elimination/Strategic HCV 

2020 Viral Hepatitis Strategic Plan

New York State Hepatitis C Elimination Plan

New York City  Elimination/Strategic HBV, HCV 

Hep Free NYC

Plan to Eliminate Viral Hepatitis as a Major Public Health Threat in New York City by 2030

North Carolina  Elimination/Strategic HAV, HBV, HCV 

Viral Hepatitis in North Carolina: Comprehensive Response Recommendations

Oklahoma  Integrated/Syndemic

Oklahoma HIV & Hepatitis Planning Council (OHHPC)

Palau  Elimination/Strategic HBV, HCV 

Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination

Pennsylvania  Elimination/Strategic HAV, HBV, HCV 

Pennsylvania Viral Hepatitis Elimination Plan

Puerto Rico  Elimination/Strategic HBV, HCV 

Coalition for Global Hepatitis Elimination

Rhode Island  Elimination/Strategic HCV 

RI Defeats Hep C

Rhode Island Hepatitis C Elimination Plan

San Francisco  Elimination/Strategic HCV 

End Hep C SF

End Hep C SF Strategic Plan 2020-2022

Texas  Elimination/Strategic HCV 

2022 State Plan for Hepatitis C

Washington  Elimination/Strategic HCV 

Eliminating Hepatitis C

Hep C Free Washington: Plan to Eliminate Hepatitis C in Washington State by 2030


Elimination/Strategic plans take a targeted approach to eliminating hepatitis within a set time frame and/or have specific strategies, objectives, and activities to reduce the burden of hepatitis in the jurisdiction. 

Integrated/Syndemic plans encompass hepatitis as well as HIV, STIs, other infectious diseases and/or substance use disorders, with the understanding that these conditions and affected populations are interconnected. 

Hepatitis A (HAV)

Hepatitis B (HBV)

Hepatitis C (HCV)