Southern Region CDR Video Series

The Southern Region Cluster Detection and Response (CDR) animated video series breaks down multiple foundational components of HIV cluster detection and response (CDR) work. The series discusses complexities surrounding this public health strategy in a digestible, basic manner and aims to educate staff members at health departments and community-based organizations (CBOs) new to CDR concepts. Health departments and CBOs can also utilize these videos as an engagement and education tool for their community members and stakeholder groups.

Closed-captioned videos will be released soon. 

What is an HIV Cluster?

This video defines the term “cluster” in a public health context, explains why health departments need to know about HIV clusters, emphasizes the importance of HIV testing and treatment, and details the importance of detecting HIV clusters.

For best quality, watch in 1080p HD.

To watch this video with closed captions, please click here

How Do Health Departments Detect HIV Clusters?

This video outlines the four main ways health departments learn about HIV clusters and explains the basic process and data sources used for each method.

For best quality, watch in 1080p HD.

How Do Southern Health Departments, Community-Based Organizations (CBOs), and Healthcare Providers Respond to HIV Clusters?

This video details the services and response activities that Southern health departments, CBOs, and healthcare providers may take when responding to HIV clusters. It demonstrates how each public health and healthcare system entity plays a unique role in cluster response efforts.

For best quality, watch in 1080p HD.