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Regional Harm Reduction Technical Assistance (TA)

The NASTAD Drug User Health team works with a network of community-based harm reduction practitioners and service providers from around the country. These regional harm reduction consultants contribute important skills and areas of expertise to Drug User Health projects, provide insights from diverse programs to inform national work, and help create additional, accessible points of access for harm reduction technical assistance. Regional harm reduction consultants collaborate with Drug User Health to facilitate the regional SSP TA calls—find out more about our current call series below.

Regional harm reduction consultancy positions are supported through the CDC-funded National Harm Reduction Technical Assistance cooperative agreement.

Meet Our Regional Consultants

Regional consultants offer a range of skills, experiences, and expertise to new and established harm reduction programs operating in a variety of settings and contexts. To connect with a regional consultant about a particular interest area or TA request, please contact DrugUserHealthTA@NASTAD.org.

Harm Reduction Consultants
Harm Reduction Consultants

Regional Syringe Service Programs (SSP) TA Call Series

Join NASTAD every Thursday, 3:00 - 4:00 PM ET, for networking, discussion, and mutual support.

These calls are opportunities for people developing and operating syringe services to share updates, strategies, resources, and support and to identify larger TA and capacity-building areas to expand regional syringe access. Calls serve as a “TA hotline” to connect programs with NASTAD Drug User Health, regional consultants, and peer colleagues. The regional SSP TA call series is a component of the CDC-funded National Harm Reduction TA Center.

Regional calls are opt-in and participants are welcome to join calls for more than one region. Regions rotate weekly; with eight regions, calls repeat bimonthly. At this time, calls are reserved for people directly supporting SSPs, including programs run by both community-based and local health organizations.

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Call Schedule

  • Week 1: Pacific Northwest
  • Week 2: Southwest
  • Week 3: Plains
  • Week 4: South
  • Week 5: Appalachia
  • Week 6: Great Lakes/Upper Midwest
  • Week 7: Mid-Atlantic
  • Week 8: New England

Calls are hosted by NASTAD Drug User Health and facilitated by regional harm reduction consultants. Contact DrugUserHealthTA@NASTAD.org for call details and more information.

SSP TA call series will continue in 2021 with the Southern regional call, Thursday, January 7, 3:00 - 4:00 PM ET.

Tribal SSP and Native Harm Reduction Call Series

NASTAD hosts a monthly call for tribal-led and Native-serving harm reduction programs and SSPs. This call series is intended to increase recognition of and connections between harm reduction programs that primarily serve indigenous communities, in order to share culturally informed practices, encourage peer support, and raise priorities of Native harm reduction with national partners. The tribal SSP call is a component of the CDC-funded National Harm Reduction TA Center. At this time, calls are reserved for staff and partners working with harm reduction programs and SSPs that are tribal-led or otherwise primarily serve indigenous and First Nations people.

This call series is co-facilitated by regional consultant Annette Hubbard, a BHA treatment coordinator with the Ninilchik Traditional Council medication-assisted treatment program and a board member and volunteer at the Homer Syringe Exchange in Alaska.

Join us on the second Wednesday of each month, 2:00 - 3:00 PM ET. Contact DrugUserHealthTA@NASTAD.org for call details and more information.

Governmental Drug User Health Collaborative Call:

NASTAD and Support for Harm Reduction Programs (SHaRP) at the University of Washington host a monthly recurring call for governmental public health staff who support drug user health and harm reduction efforts in their jurisdictions. The Governmental Drug User Health Collaborative Call is a space for state-level staff interested in connecting with their peers and finding ways to meaningfully support syringe services programs (SSPs) and community-based harm reduction programs. The audience for this call is individuals working in state health departments, Single State Agencies, and other government agencies responsible for programs and policies related to SSPs, overdose prevention, and drug user health.

Join us on the first Monday of each month, from 2-3 pm ET. Please contact DrugUserHealthTA@NASTAD.org for call details and more information.