Latino Communities and HIV/AIDS

Slides: Latinos in America: Understanding and Engaging This Growing Segment of the U.S. Population
10/17/2013 | Source: NASTAD - The goals of the webinar are to provide health departments with a clear picture of the latest data on the Latino community nationally and to explore regional trends that can inform the work that is done in participants’ respective jurisdictions.

Una Noche of Unified Action
7/12/2012 | Source: NLAAN - 

Video Report - A Través de Nuestros Ojos (Through Our Eyes): Promoting Health and Social Equity to Address HIV/AIDS among Latino Gay Men
11/4/2011 | Source: NASTAD - NASTAD is proud to release a companion video report that includes segments that mirror sections of the previously released written report titled: A Través de Nuestros Ojos (Through Our Eyes): Promoting Health and Social Equity to Address HIV/AIDS among.

A Traves de Nuestros Ojos
4/1/2011 | Source:  - 

Through Our Eyes: Promoting Health and Social Equity to Address HIV/AIDS among Latino Gay Men
3/1/2011 | Source: NASTAD - A report that summarizes the findings of a qualitative study in 12 jurisdictions that investigated responses of health departments and community-based organizations to the HIV/AIDS crisis among Latino gay men in the U.S. The report seeks to generate key themes to assist and inform effective federal, state and local public health responses to HIV/STDs among these men.

Adelante Arizona Meeting Summary
9/24/2009 11:32:00 AM | Source: NASTAD - Summary presentation of NASTAD's meeting in Arizona to work with health departments on strengthening the response in Latino communities.

NASTAD's Bilingual Documents
9/24/2009 11:28:00 AM | Source: NASTAD - Resource list of NASTAD documents in Spanish.

Top 10 Ways To Participate in NLAAD
9/24/2009 11:27:00 AM | Source: NASTAD-NLAAD - Top 10 ways health departments can participate in the National Latino AIDS Awareness Day (NLAAD).

Overview of NLAAD
9/24/2009 11:23:00 AM | Source: NLAAD - Overview of history, activities and resources for National Latino AIDS Awareness Day.

¬°Adelante! Strengthening the Response to HIV/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis in Latino Communities
10/15/2008 | Source: NASTAD - Building on NASTAD’s 2003 Latino policy document, the Call to Action reaffiirms NASTAD’s commitment to providing a comprehensive approach to addressing health disparities among Latino communities and urges health departments and stakeholders to scale up efforts to fight the HIV/AIDS and viral hepatitis epidemics in Latino communities.

Addressing Latino HIV/AIDS: Latino Perspectives and Policy Recommendations
1/1/2003 | Source: NASTAD - Released in 2003, this policy document provides a thorough review of the social and contextual factors that have contributed to the disproportionate rates of HIV infection and AIDS diagnoses within Latino communities.