Black Gay Men and HIV/AIDS

Meeting Summary: Black Gay Men/MSM and HIV/AIDS: Addressing the Epidemic in a Changing Environment
10/5/2011 | Source: NASTAD - In August 2011 NASTAD convened a meeting focused on black gay men.

Black Gay Men and HIV/AIDS: Evaluating Our Progress to Reverse the Epidemic
6/1/2010 | Source: NASTAD - In June 2010 NASTAD convened its second technical assistance meeting focused on black gay men. 

Connecting the Dots - Part 4
2/25/2010 | Source: NASTAD - This podcast explores self-value and power and privilege and discusses how these issues work directly and indirectly to influence the health and wellness of black gay men.

Connecting the Dots - Part 3
10/5/2009 | Source: NASTAD - This podcast explores popular culture and the media and its influence on Black gay men's sexuality. 

Connecting the Dots - Part 2
9/1/2009 | Source: NASTAD - This podcast explores racism, gender identity and sexual roles among Black gay men. 

Connecting the Dots - Part 1
9/1/2009 | Source: NASTAD - This podcast explores the influences of identity, masculinity and femininity and sexual objectification and mystique of Black gay men.

Black MSM Issue Brief Number 3
5/1/2008 | Source: NASTAD - This Issue Brief details the findings from targeted interviews conducted with over 70 health department staff and community stakeholders from 14 jurisdictions across the country. 

Black Gay Men and HIV/AIDS: Confronting the Crisis and Planning for Action TA Meeting
4/1/2008 | Source: NASTAD - In February 2008 NASTAD conducted a Black Gay Men's Technical Assistance (TA) Meeting entitled, Black Gay Men and HIV/AIDS:  Confronting the Crisis and Planning for Action.

Black MSM Issue Brief Number 2
2/1/2007 | Source: NASTAD - This Issue Brief highlights the findings from a survey designed to obtain jurisdiction-level epidemiological data on HIV prevalence and incidence among Black MSM, assess the level of resources directed toward Black MSM, and document prevention and related activities directed to this population, as well as barriers and facilitators associated with providing targeted HIV prevention services for Black MSM. 

Black MSM Issue Brief Number 1
2/1/2006 | Source: NASTAD - This Issue Brief examines the HIV/AIDS crisis among Black MSM and provides an overview of recent CDC data, while seeking to frame issues related to the identity of Black MSM, addresses the core components of effective prevention and care strategies for Black MSM and provides recommendations for health departments in designing programs and implementing strategies to address the significant needs of this population.