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Border issues HIV/AIDS issues along U.S., Mexican, and Canadian borders

HIV/AIDS en la Frontera: U.S.-Mexico Border Epidemiologic Profile
3/1/2009 | Source:  - 

Country Profiles

Botswana Country Profile
11/12/2013 | Source: NASTAD - The Botswana Country Profile details NASTAD,s technical assistance activities occurring in Botswana in partnership with BOTUSA (CDC-Botswana), Ministry of Local Government (MLG), and National HIV.AIDS Coordinating Agency.

Haiti Country Profile
11/12/2013 | Source: NASTAD - The Haiti Country Profile details NASTAD’s technical assistance activities occurring in Haiti in partnership with Haiti’s Ministry of Health (MoH).

Caribbean Region Profile
11/12/2013 | Source: NASTAD - The Caribbean Region Profile details NASTAD's technical assistance activities occurring in the Caribbean Region in partnership with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Global AIDS Program (CD C/GAP).

Guyana Country Profile
11/12/2013 | Source: NASTAD - The Guyana Country Profile details NASTAD's technical assistance activities occurring in Guyana.

Ethiopia Country Profile
7/23/2012 | Source: NASTAD - The Ethiopia Country Profile details NASTAD's technical assistance activities occurring in Ethiopia in partnership with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Global AIDS Program (CDC/GAP).

Zambia Country Profile
7/23/2012 | Source: NASTAD - The Zambia Country Profile details NASTAD's technical assistance activities occurring in Zambia in partnership with CDC/Zambia, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Global AIDS Program (CDC/GAP).

South Africa Country Profile
7/23/2012 | Source: NASTAD - The South Africa Country Profile details NASTAD technical assistance activities occurring in South Africa in partnership with CDC-South Africa and provincial departments of health.

Tanzania Country Profile
7/23/2012 | Source: NASTAD - The Tanzania Country Profile details NASTAD's technical assistance activities occurring in Tanzania in partnership with the CDC/Tanzania, and USAID/Tanzania.

Curriculums/Trainings HIV/AIDS curriculum and training resources

2007 Trainer's Guide: Training Modules for STI Syndromic Management
4/23/2009 2:34:00 PM | Source: World Health Organization - 
The WHO released the 2nd edition of the Trainer's Guide for STI Syndromic Management for staff responsible for in-servince training of health professionals.

Evaluation Program evaluation resources

Support Group Facilitation Baseline Survey
4/23/2009 9:52:00 AM | Source: NASTAD - 
NASTAD conducted a baseline assessment of support group facilitators and leaders in four provinces: Eastern Cape, Free State, Northern Cape, and Western Cape. This assessment provides analysis on strengths and needs as identified by support group members in the respective provinces.

South African National M&E Framework
4/23/2009 9:51:00 AM | Source: South African National Department of Health - 

The M&E Framework is one component of the National Stratgic Plan 2007 - 2011. It provides guidance on budget allocation for M&E activities and provides a list of indicators, reporting frequency, responsible agencies, and outcome-assessments for HIV & AIDS and STI programmes.

Global programs Resources on HIV/AIDS programs worldwide

Strengthening Health Systems through Collaborative Partnerships with Health Ministries
6/25/2014 | Source: NASTAD - Global Program brochure. 

Technical Assistance Brief on Epidemiological Surveillance: Leveraging Data to Monitor and Respond to Epidemics
6/25/2014 | Source: NASTAD - Global Program 4 pager on epidemiological surveillance.

Developing an Integrated HIV and Tuberculosis Surveillance System in Haiti
6/25/2014 | Source: NASTAD - Global Program blog post on HIV and tuberculosis surveillance system in Haiti. 

A Peer-to-Peer Exchange of Knowledge in the Caribbean Region
6/25/2014 | Source: NASTAD - Global Program blog post on Caribbean HIV surveillance work and peer-to-peer exchanges between Trinidad and Tobago, The Bahamas, and Barbados.

One Year of HIV Case-based Surveillance in Guyana: Celebrating Successes and Recognizing Challenges
6/25/2014 | Source: NASTAD - Global Program blog post on HIV case-based surveillance in Guyana. 

CDC-Ethiopia Newsletter - August 2012
9/13/2012 | Source:  - 
The NASTAD Ethiopia office have two of their success stories published in CDC-Ethiopia’s quarterly newsletter (see p15 and p19).

NASTAD Ethiopia Charter TOT Slide Presentation
7/10/2012 | Source: NASTAD Ethiopia - 

Haiti HIV AIDS Epi Profile
4/1/2012 | Source:  - Epidemiological profile of HIV/AIDS infection in Southern Haiti

Haiti Country Profile 2011
4/1/2012 | Source:  - Haiti Country Profile 2011

Haiti Map
4/1/2012 | Source: NASTAD - Map of Haiti

Haiti HIV Summary
4/1/2012 | Source: NASTAD -  Haiti HIV Summary

Haiti HIV Surveillance Slide Set
4/1/2012 | Source: NASTAD - Haiti HIV Surveillance Slide Set

Haiti HIV Case Surveillance Ops Manual
4/1/2012 | Source: NASTAD -  Haiti HIV Case Surveillance Operationss Manual

Haiti HIV AIDS Case Reporting Algorithm
4/1/2012 | Source: NASTAD - Haiti HIV AIDS Case Reporting Algorithm

Haiti Adult HIV Case Report Form
4/1/2012 | Source: NASTAD - Haiti Adult HIV Case Report Form

Haiti Pediatric and Youth HIV Case Report Form
4/1/2012 | Source: NASTAD - Haiti Pediatric and Youth HIV Case Report Form

Haiti Departmental Supervision Tool
4/1/2012 | Source: NASTAD -  Haiti Departmental Supervision Tool

Haiti Site Level Supervision Tool
4/1/2012 | Source: NASTAD - Haiti Site Level Supervision Tool

Haiti ANC Summary
4/1/2012 | Source: NASTAD - ANC Summaryin Haiti

Haiti -Trainings Provided
4/1/2012 | Source: NASTAD - Trainings Provided in Haiti

Haiti Presentation
6/1/2011 | Source: NASTAD - This is a pesentation on the Diagnostic HIV Cases Reported in Haiti from 2005-2010.This reports is based on a unique count of HIV/AIDS cases, rather than the more frequently used aggregate program monitoring and evaluation.

Haiti Presentation Summary
6/1/2011 | Source: NASTAD - Summary of Haiti presentation on the diagnostic of HIV Cases reported from 2005-2010.

6/1/2011 | Source: NASTAD - This document highlights NASTAD's Global Program's work in Haiti with Haiti's Ministry of Health.

Consumer Advisory Board Handbook
4/23/2009 | Source: Massachusetts Department of Public Health HIV/AIDS Bureau - 
This handbook provides guidance on how to strengthen Consumer Advisory Boards (CABs) and support the involvement of people living with HIV and IADS in planning, delivery, and assessment of HIV-related service in Massachusetts.

Developing a PLHWA Network in Partnership with Government: a toolkit
4/22/2009 | Source: NASTAD - 
NASTAD developed a toolkit to be used by local partners and provincial departments of health to develop an effective PLWHA network. This toolkit is based upon the experience gained in support the development of MANEPHA, a network of PLHWA, which is based in Eastern Cape Province.

NGO Audit: Capacity-building Assessment
4/22/2009 | Source: NASTAD - 
NASTAD in collaboration with the Northern Cape Department of Health developed an assessment tool for local non-governmental and community-based organisations. Approximately ten organisations were visited for an organisational capacity assessment. Assessment results and the assessment tool are included in this report.

Botswana Evidence-based Planning Toolkit
12/3/2008 | Source:  - This is an updated version of the Botswana Evidence-based Planning Toolkit for use by the District Multi-Sectoral AIDS Committees (DMSACs).

Profil Épidémiologique e l ’infection ar e VIH et u SIDA dans e Grand Sud, Haïti - 2007 (Haiti Epidemiological Profile)
4/28/2008 | Source:  - NASTAD developed this epidemiological profile, the first of its kind in Haiti, in collaboration with the Haitian Ministry of Health. The profile was developed to illustrate the socio-demographic and risk factors of the population of four departments located in the southern region of Haiti.

Cambodia Community Planning Summary
10/1/2006 | Source:  - 

Cambodia Community Planning Primer
10/1/2006 | Source:  - 

Community Planning: summary primer
4/23/2006 | Source: NASTAD - 
This summary report provides an overview of a Community Planning Primer developed by CDC-Cambodia and NASTAD in collaboration with the Cambodian National AIDS Authority.

HIV Community Planning for Community ART Treatment Adherence: Training of Trainers Manual
4/1/2006 | Source: NASTAD - The TOT manual was developed by NASTAD Ethiopia as part of its work to strengthen peer education and outreach and community ART adherence.

HIV Community Planning for Community ART Treatment Adherence: Participant Manual
4/1/2006 | Source: NASTAD - NASTAD Ethiopia developed this training manual for community members to serve as peed educators to help strengthen ART adherence.

Botswana Total Community Mobilization Report
10/18/2004 | Source: NASTAD - 

Community Planning for HIV/AIDS Prevention Care, and Support: Principles and Essential Steps - A Training Manual for Community Planning Facilitators
6/13/2004 | Source: NASTAD - The purpose of a community planning workshop, developed within the Ethiopia context but applicable elsewhere, is to provide the tools a community needs to effectively plan HIV prevention, care, and support activities that are based on assessed community need. One way to reduce the spread of the disease is through a coordinated approach to prevention, education, care, and support services that uses all the available local and national resources to their fullest capacity.

Community Planning for HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care, and Support: Training of Trainers Manual
6/12/2004 | Source: NASTAD - This Training-of-Trainers (TOT) manual has been designed to accompany and enhance the Manual for Community Planning for HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care, and Support. It is intended to provide structure and guidance to those who are responsible for teaching others to become trainers in community planning.

The Epidemiologic Profile: Using Data to Monitor the HIV/AIDS Epidemic and Inform Program Decisions
6/1/2004 | Source:  - This is a highlight of an epidemiologic profile of HIV/AIDS for the District of Visakhapatnam in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

Total Community Mobilization and HIV-Related Knowledge, Attudies, and Pratices from the 2003 Makgabaneng Listenership Survey in Botswana
1/1/2003 | Source:  - 

Global TA Overview

Learn more about becoming a Technical Assistance Provider with the NASTAD Global Program!
6/25/2014 | Source: NASTAD - Global Program fact sheet on becoming a technical assistance (TA) provider with the Global Program.

Global AIDS TA Overview
6/1/2011 | Source: NASTAD - An overview of the Technical Assistance (TA) Strategies for Building Human Resource Capacity.

Global TA Provider Resources

International Travel Procedure Handbook
2/19/2015 | Source: NASTAD - An overview of NASTAD Global program International Travel Procedure, Travel expenses including TA and Staff roles and Responsibilities.

Become a Global TA Provider
6/1/2011 | Source: NASTAD - How to become a TA provider.

HIV public health/advocacy HIV public health/advocacy resources

"Three Ones" Key Principles
4/24/2009 10:27:00 AM | Source: UNAIDS - 

This brief document details the "Three Ones" principle and its development from a dialogue at the International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa in September 2003. These principles are:
- One agreed HIV & AIDS Action Framework that provides the basis for coordinating the work of all partners
- One National AIDS Coordinating Authority with a broad based multi-sector mandate
- One agreed country level monitoring and evaluation system

Locally-developed Interventions

Clinical Guidelines for the Use of Blood Products in South Africa
4/24/2009 10:03:00 AM | Source: South African National Blood Service - South African National Blood Service (SANBS) revised its clinical guidelines for the use of blood products in 2003. The revised edition provides information to individuals who receive blood products available from the blood transfusion service. In addition, the guidelines provide advice regarding legal responsibilities of people administering transfusions, administration techniques, and recognition of common adverse reactions.

Managing HIV/AIDS in the Workplace: a guide for government departments
4/23/2009 4:44:00 PM | Source: South Africa Department of Public Service and Administration - This guide provides an overview of managing HIV & AIDS in the workplace, including workplace policies, strategic planning, budgeting and HR planning. In addition, Part C addresses workplace programmes, including prevention, treatment, and care and support, as well as capacity-building.

National ARV Treatment Guidelines
4/23/2009 2:28:00 PM | Source: South Africa National Department of Health - 
This is the 1st edition of the National ARV Treatment Guidelines for South Africa.

Prevention/care/Hepatitis/STD Resources related to prevention, care, Hepatitis, and STDs.

Evidence-based Planning Toolkit
4/24/2009 11:05:00 AM | Source: NASTAD - NASTAD Botswana developed a toolkit to assist and guide District AIDS Coordinator (DAC), District Multi-Sectoral AIDS Committee (DMSAC), and the DMSAC Planning Subcommittee in Botswana to develop their district's annual DMSAC comprehensive HIV & AIDS plan.

Evidence-based planning means that the best available data and knowledge are used to...

Policy and Guidelines for the Implementation of the PMTCT Programme
4/24/2009 10:50:00 AM | Source: South Africa National Department of Health - 
The National Department of Health issued a second edition for the PMTCT programme in South Africa. This policy document and guidelines support the continued aim to reduce mother-to-child transmission as part of the National Strategic Plan and implement new knowledge and practices.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases Treatment Guidelines, 2006
4/23/2009 2:31:00 PM | Source: U.S. CDC - 

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued updated STI treatment guidelines based upon an experts consultation meeting in Spring 2005. Five major strategies for prevention and control of STIs were introduced:
1. Education and counselling of persons at risk on ways to avoid STIs through changes in sexual behaviours;
2. Identify asymptomatically infected persons and symptomatic persons unlikely to seek diagnostic and tre

Strategic Plans Strategic plan resources for AIDS directors/program managers

The Blueprint: Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic Through the Power of Prevention
4/23/2009 2:40:00 PM | Source: NASTAD - 

U.S. state health departments in collaboration with NASTAD issued a new blueprint for U.S. HIV prevention programmes.

National Strategic Plan for HIV & AIDS and STI 2007 - 2011
4/23/2009 2:38:00 PM | Source: South Africa National Department of Health - 

The National Strategic Plan (NSP) provides the key objectives and focal areas for HIV & AIDS and STI programmes. By 2011, the NSP aims to:      
- Reduce the rate of new infections by

Surveillance Resources related to public health data collection, analysis, dissemination, and interpretation

Factsheet on HIV/AIDS in Zambia
3/12/2010 | Source: NASTAD - In partnership with the National AIDS Council of Zambia, this national and nine district epi profiles were created.

HIV & AIDS Leadership Development Toolkit
10/15/2009 | Source: NASTAD Global Program - A tool for Provincial Departments of Heath in South Africa

Epidemiologic Profile Development Guidelines
4/24/2009 2:48:00 PM | Source: NASTAD - NASTAD published the epi profile development guidelines based upon lessons learned from development of the Visakhapatnam District epi profile in 2003/2004. The epi profile derives from a collaborative project between the Andhra Pradesh State AIDS Control Society, NASTAD, and CDC-India.

District Health Barometer 2006/07
4/24/2009 2:42:00 PM | Source: Health Systems Trust - 
The District Health Barometer is a project  Health Systems Trust that offers health managers a tool to monitor progress and support the improvement of equitable provision of primary healthcare and quality of district health information across South Africa.

International Twinning and Technical Assistance Projects: How Do U.S. State HIV/AIDS Programs Benefit?
9/7/2004 | Source: NASTAD - The purpose of this report is to document lessons learned and benefits to U.S. state HIV/AIDS programs from international technical assistance (TA) and twinning projects through NASTAD’s global program. All TA providers who were health department staff at the time of onsite TA in the past three years were asked to complete a survey.

Visakhapatnam epidemiologic profile of HIV/AIDS
8/18/2004 | Source: NASTAD - In collaboration with the Andhra Pradesh AIDS Control Society and CDC/India, NASTAD prepared the first epidemiologic profile for the district of Visakhapatnam, AP in order to understand the magnitude and characteristics of the epidemic in the district and to develop a process to replicate the creation of profiles in other districts.

Epidemiologic Profile Development Guidelines
5/1/2004 | Source: NASTAD - This epi profile development guidelines is based on lessons learned from the develompent of the Visakhapatnam District epi profile in 2003/2004.